401k Plan Report Card

As a business owner, CFO, or HR representative, you bear a high degree of responsibility for your organization's 401k plan, providing the assurance to your employees that their hard-earned retirement dollars have been invested responsibly.  A key way to provide this assurance is to have your 401k plan Benchmarked on a regular basis. Not only is this a best-practice approach for successful businesses, it's required by the Department of Labor.



Benchmarking your 401k plan is a process of regularly evaluating your company's retirement plan to determine the ongoing effectiveness of the portfolio, reviewing the costs and fees associated with administering the plan, and checking to ensure that the plan is in compliance with laws and regulations.

In doing so, you can be assured that the plan is right for your company and its plan participants, while maintaining confidence that you are offering your employees the best possible benefits.



A benchmarked 401k plan provides the answers to often-ask questions associated with managing a plan, such as:

  • Is the plan still the right fit for our company?
  • Is there anything we can be doing differently to improve plan performance?
  • Are we spending too much on plan administrative and investment management fees?
  • Is the plan in compliance with ERISA regulations?
  • Is our exposure as plan sponsor at risk?
  • Are we providing the best possible benefit for our employees?

As your plan's sponsor, determining the answers to these questions – and properly addressing those results – should give you peace of mind and confidence in your fiduciary duties.



As plan sponsor, you have the responsibility to establish that your company's 401k plan administration complies with the law. Benchmarking gives you the opportunity to review the plan at least once a year, and ensures that the plan administration is in line with ERISA regulations.

Benchmarking can also protect you from legal challenges, if they arise. By regularly reviewing your plan's fees, documenting your policies and decisions regarding plan investments, and completing regular training on fiduciary obligations, you can maintain a favorable defense in the event of litigation.



A&M Financial Group can assist in providing outside, independent benchmarking services, which eliminates potential conflicts of interests that could arise with an in-house review.

Our retirement professionals use highly informative resources to compare the performance of your plan with similar plans across the industry to assess portfolio structure, identify any potential instances of non-compliance, and determine if the fees associated with your plan are reasonable.

There may be ways that we can help reduce the costs associated with your organization's 401k plan, and allow more money to remain as an investment in your employee's futures.

Want a “second opinion” on the efficacy and vitality of your 401k plan? We provide expert 401k plan reviews that often point out key areas of opportunities where your plan could potentially thrive, while satisfying your fiduciary duty to invest and monitor responsibly.

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